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Geography students talk maps with Stuart Allan and Neil Allen of Raven and Benchmark Maps.

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From unique student research to our clubs, come see what Humboldt Geography is about.

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Go beyond the classroom and gain hands-on field experience in the community and abroad.

Cartography, GIS, & Geo-visualization.

Learn the skills necessary to create maps and visualizations that tell impactful stories.

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Our Programs

Geography, B.A.

Find your future at Cal Poly Humboldt. Working in small classes, inside and outside, and in our state-of-the-art geospatial lab, you explore humankind's ever-changing relationship to the environment. Then you use what you know, undertaking important research topics that interest you—like global warming, deforestation, ethnic conflict, urban planning and much more—in places that inspire you.

Why Geography?

Geospatial Science & Technology, B.S.

The Humboldt Geospatial Science & Technology major allows students to pursue a wide range of interests within the natural and social sciences. Field experience, community involvement, knowledge of particular world regions, and development of a global awareness are emphasized.

Why Geospatial Science & Technology?