Chelsea Teale


Ph.D. Geography, Pennsylvania State University
M.A. Geography, Syracuse University
B.A. Geography, SUNY Geneseo

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Areas of Interest: 

Biogeography, historical and paleoecology, geography of North America, environmental history.

Courses Taught: 
GEOG 106: Physical Geography
GEOG 106L: Physical Geography Lab
GEOG 304: Migrations and Mosaics
GEOG 311: Geographic Research and Writing
GEOG 310L: Geographic Research Laboratory
GEOG 352: Regional Climatology
GEOG 352M: Regional Climatology Depth Experience
GEOG 356: Global Ecology and Biogeography
GEOG 356M: Global Ecology and Biogeography Depth Experience
GEOG 411: Senior Field Research
GEOG 470: Topics in Geography for Teachers
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Founders Hall 109