Rosemary Sherriff


Ph.D. Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder
M.A. Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder
B.S. Geography, Environmental Studies minor, University of Oregon


Having been at Humboldt since 2009, Prof. Sherriff’s research has focused on western forests ranging from Alaska, the Rockies, to northern California. Recent research themes in her Dendroecology Lab include: stand dynamics and tree-growth response to climate, disturbance and forest management practices in redwood, oak and mixed conifer forests of northwest California; climate and spruce beetle effects across white spruce ecosystems near the North American boreal-tundra margin in southwest Alaska; and mixed-severity fire regimes in montane forests of the Colorado wildland-urban interface and the broader western U.S. Prof. Sherriff also continues to be excited about expanding curriculum and inter-disciplinary teaching at Humboldt on climate change, the effects on ecosystems, and solutions.

Areas of Interest: 

Biogeography, landscape ecology, forest disturbances (wildfire, insect outbreaks), dendroecology, climate change

Courses Taught: 
GEOG 106: Physical Geography
GEOG 106L: Physical Geography Lab
GEOG 311: Geographic Research and Writing
GEOG 356: Global Ecology and Biogeography
GEOG 357: Climate Change, Ecosystems and People
GEOG 469: Geographic Field Experience
GEOG 473/ENST 480: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change
GEOG 411: Senior Field Research
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